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C.B.T.A.  PO Box 346, Panania  2213CBTA - Panania Tennis HQ
Panania Headquarters - Canterbury Bankstown Tennis Association Inc
Childs Street & Marco Ave, Panania (rear) Panania East Hills RSL Club
Our number there is 9792 5390 which is a recorded message, and the best number to ring is Adele 0404 477196
BUT court hire and coaching at the Panania complex is now with Steve and Carolyn Sidney who are available 7 days a week.  Phone no 97928474 or 0413 656 085

We also have Deverall Park, Ethel St., Condell Park.  The centre there is managed by Long 04140676289.
Smith Park, Lehn Rd., East Hills is being managed  by Bankstown Sports Tennis Club - Coach Geoff Wirth 0411 788456.  We are also managing Coleman Park, Henry Lawson Drive & Rabaul Rd, Georges Hall - ph no.  0426 213040 and Rose Park, Sefton, Tyson 0404 290542 .  We also have close associations with John Kellert a great coach at CBT & BC Moxon Road, Punchbowl 0412636461.

To learn more about CBTA and our great history of nearly 100 years (including 5 Davis Cup players), read HERE NOW.

The 8 courts and clubhouse at Panania are the centre of our Association, which also plays competitions out of the other centres above as well as Canterbury Bankstown Tennis and Bowls Club courts at Moxon Road Punchbowl and many other courts,
The Association which has a long, proud history, began in the early 1920’s as Sydenham Bankstown Tennis, was originally started at Canterbury Park, King Street, Ashbury.

It was an extremely vibrant club, which had membership of up to 3000 in the early days.  There were over 300 courts used in the area of the Association, over 130 Thursday ladies teams and  over 125 Saturday afternoon teams.

A fire in the late 1950’s destroyed most of the then clubhouse and all of the records.  The clubhouse was rebuilt and the Association continued to thrive for another 45 years approximately at Canterbury, changing its name to Canterbury Bankstown Tennis Association Inc, when Marrickville Tennis Association commenced operation.

Many times over the years there were suggestions to move the site from Canterbury.  Other sites were looked at;  it became a matter of urgency when Canterbury Council wanted to re-negotiate the lease for the premises at Ashbury in the mid 1990’s.  The lease figure was too high, considering the amount of money that also had to be spent in upgrading the courts.  It was decided by the Council of Management then to make the move to the site at Panania.  As the majority of the players were residing around this area, this seemed to be an appropriate site.

The existing top 2 courts (of the original nine) were configured so that a Clubhouse could be built.  Grass was laid, gazebos were built and, after a total cost of well over $420,000,  the complex is as you see it today.  

Although a lot of tennis courts in the area have gone, making way for housing, tennis is alive and well at Canterbury Bankstown.  Our vibrant committee of volunteers who love the game of tennis are dedicated to promoting and expanding our Association and re-claiming some of the former glory!  We embrace change and are particularly good at trialling new competitions so that we meet the needs of the membership.  We are particularly proud of our representation in the NSW Hardcourt Tennis Association, Interdistrict Competition.  For a relatively small club, we have one of the biggest representations of any other district and achieve great successes!

We, as an Association, look forward to many more successful years ahead.

CBTA has it's AGM in September.  A great 40 page report is available at most centres but if you want to have a look at the information/photoes, etc then click here and have a read.  Cover.    Book