Saturday Morning Juniors - Scoring Changes to take effect from Term 4, 2015

There has been an increasing frustration voiced by parents, and directly felt by the division coordinators, that some of our players do not show enough commitment to turn up each week or turn up on time. It seems that everything else seems to be more important than the Saturday Morning Junior Tennis Competition.


The Junior CBTA Committee has discussed this over the last year and has now decided that further action needs to be taken. As this is an individual problem, penalties will be applied to an individual’s cumulative singles results. Team scoring method is not affected. 


The following scoring system changes will take effect from Term 4, 2015 and onwards.

·         Players who do not play for any reason per the draw will be penalised -2 on their cumulative singles ‘difference’ score. In order to apply this in an equitable way, no excuses will be accepted ( not sickness, not broken bones, not advance notice of holidays)

·         Any BYE player who does not fill in for an away player will also get -2 on their singles result. This will apply if the division coordinator attempts to contact you right up to the normal starting time. If the coordinator is unable to contact you (eg because phone not answered, phone turned off, you are asleep, etc) the penalty still applies.    

·         Players who are later than 15minutes after normal start time (the allowed hit-up time), will start their singles as 0-2 (that is, two games down), also giving them a -2 towards their singles result. The one exception to this is if a family is travelling between two tennis centres when they have kids at different locations.

·         The cumulative singles result not only directly affect the singles trophy winner, it will also affect the grading the following term, so someone else may go up to next player level or next division instead of you.    


Doug Freeman

Junior Competition Secretary

Canterbury Bankstown Tennis Association