Thursday Comps

Two comps are run by CBTA on a Thursday.  Ladies during the day (from 9.30am) and Gents from 7.30pm.  Both comps are exciting, doubles play and are of a competition standard.
If you would like to join in, even as a reserve, or have a friend or two to join you, please contact Noel 9723 6264, 040 465551 or email

We always welcome new players - come and have some fun!!!


NEW FIXTURE for ladies, commencing  June 2017                 Points score current competition

Finals results  15 June, 2017  HERE NOW

Picture from the Thursday Ladies Xmas Party HERE NOW

Thursday ladies pool players available  NOW




The Thursday night men's competition is currently a very strong competition, attracting some VERY STRONG players. 

The system, devised and agreed to by all players, works on an individual handicap system.. There are now 3 to a team, so play is completed within 2 and 1/2 hours usually and the handicaps makes it interesting for all on a more level playing field.  

IT IS GROWING BY THE DAY..... currently we have over 100 players on the list.

ring Noel if you'd like to be a reserve and try it out  0408 465551

or look at the team sheets on the Fixture and ring one of the captains and register your interest





Current FINAL Points scores HERE NOW


SEMIS JULY 2017 REPORT HERE      new handicaps as at July 2017   FINALS HELD JULY 20, 2017







A pool player list is here too



    If you do not want to commit regularly or register in a team, would you like to be on the reserve players list? 

contact  Noel to register. 0408 465551